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After approximately two years I wanted something else. I wanted to bring more color in my aquarium so I decided to start a malawi-aquarium(Tanganyika was also an option). My current aquarium should radically change. On this page I describe the change and the review of the background..

The last few moths I had some brush algae problems. It can happen to everyone but still itís annoying. Itís on my plant, wood and on my background. This was the ideal moment to get rid of it. Fist I took my old aquarium and filled it with the water of the ďmother-tankĒ. Than I transferred the fish and some plants and wood. After a while I cleaned the whole aquarium and let it dry for a couple of days. I thought the brush algae would dry out and die.

After a few days I tried to remove the algae with a raw brush. It wasnít easy but I removed 80 %.

You can see that the background is still in good shape. The colour is good and there is little damage.

Hereís a picture with some dried algae.

Some parts on the background where I didnít put any epoxy resin have some small damage. Those parts are difficult to reach and therefore the damage is difficult to see (!).

I first pilled up the stones (Texas Holey Rock), than added fine sand and filled the tank with water.

I waited one week and constantly checked the Ph-values. Itís around 7.8.

After a week I added some plants(anubia) and a few days later the fish.

I sold the fish from my old aquarium on the internet. Well, I mostly gave them away for free.

I added the following malawi cichlids:
- Pseudotropheus demasoni
- Labidochromis caeruleus
- Julidochromis marlieri
This is, however, the absolute maximum for my aquarium. You can see them on the picture on the right.


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